Grants for Parish Groups

The ‘Community Benefit Payments’, received annually from Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd., in respect of the two solar farms located within the Parish Council area, are set aside in a separate account to provide funding for community developments and clubs, groups or organisations based within the Parish.

The Fund is administered by the Parish Council (the Administrators) which includes councillors from each of the four areas served by the Parish Council; Acton Burnell, Frodesley, Pitchford, Ruckley & Langley (ABFPR&L)

Applications will be reviewed and determined at Parish Council meetings which are held on not less than four occasions each year.

Local clubs, societies and organisations are invited to apply for assistance to develop and achieve their respective aims and objectives. The purposes and activities of the club, society or organisation, must be of direct benefit to the community represented by the ABFPR&L Parish Council and must comply with prevailing legislation.  

Grants will not be made to individuals or national charities and duplication of funding streams will be avoided. Therefore, consideration will not normally be given to applications where funding provision for a particular type of activity is already being made. 


If you wish to make a grant application please contact the Clerk,

Telephone:  07842 324809