Acton Burnell Frodesley Pitchford Ruckley & Langley Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on a Tuesday evening every other month, at Pitchford Village Hall or at Concord College in the winter.

The schedule of meetings and documents from previous meetings can be found under Council Information.  


The representatives for each Village are as follows:

Acton Burnell:                        Frodesley:                                  Pitchford:                                 Ruckley & Langley:

Councillor John Long                      Councillor Carmen Culliss                     Councillor Alan Hotchkiss                   Councillor Keith Faulkner

Councillor Paul Harrison                 Councillor Graham Davies                    Councillor Tracy Johnson                     

Councillor Robert Morgan

Councillor Gareth Ball

                                  Councillor contact details can be found under COUNCIL INFORMATION - Your Councillors.


Should you wish to contact the Parish Council contact Anna Morris the Parish Clerk by Telephone: 07842 324809 or by Email: