Reference Applicantsort descending Application Date Proposal Status
21/03631/FUL Mr and Ms Jan and Miriam Pusiak and Davies 13th August 2021 Erection of single storey side and rear extensions; demolition of existing... Pending Consideration
The Bungalow Pitchford Shrewsbury Shropshire
20/00469/DIS - 4th February 2020 Discharge of conditions 3 (access), 4 (bat boxes), 5 (landscaping), 6 (lighting... Granted
20/00449/DIS - - 4th February 2020 Discharge of conditions 3 (photographic survey), 4 (exterior services), 5 (roof... Discharge Conditions Part Approved
20/01757/OUT Bulkrite 5th May 2020 Outline application for a residential development to include means of access Pending Consideration
Proposed Residential Development Land To The East Of Stoneleigh Close Acton Burnell Shrewsbury Shropshire
18/00972/TCA Christine And Paul Harrison 27th February 2018 To remove 1 No Yew Tree within Acton Burnell Conservation Area. Consent By Right - Trees
Land Adj Burnell House Acton Burnell Shrewsbury Shropshire
19/03636/FUL Concord College 21st August 2019 Erection of 2no single storey and 1no two storey extensions; relocation of gas... Pending Consideration
Broadlands Concord College Acton Burnell Shrewsbury Shropshire
19/04135/VAR Concord College 17th September 2019 Variation of Condition No.s 1 and 2 attached to planning permission 17/02774/... Granted
19/00064/TCA Concord College 7th January 2019 To carry out various works (as per schedule) within Acton Burnell Conservation... Consent By Right - Trees
19/00066/TCA Concord College 7th January 2019 To remove 1No Cherry tree within Acton Burnell Conservation Area Consent By Right - Trees
19/00067/TCA Concord College 8th January 2019 To reduce in height & width of main trunk by 1-2m 1No Laburnum tree within... Consent By Right - Trees



All planning applications can be viewed online on the Shropshire Council Planning Website. Open the site and type in the application number and you can view the application and proposed plans.

Planning applications within the Parish borders and to be dealt with by the Council are located on the left of this page.